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Terms & Conditions


Unless otherwise indicated on the face of the invoice, all prices are quoted in Trinidad and Tobago dollars and are weighed on a per pound basis. Customer is responsible for any tax or government charges imposed upon the sale of item.

In Store Pickup

Once your order is placed, we'll contact you to reconfirm the details and deposit your items at our internet pick up counter. Internet purchases will be held for no more than 3 business days.  You also have the flexibility to have another person pay and collect items on your behalf.


Shoppers Freezone currently offers delivery to customers who live in close proximity to our store locations and delivery is available upon request.  Please understand we are in no way liable for losses due to failure to deliver product/items by a specified date.


Customer is responsible for any tax or governmental charge imposed upon item purchase. Any such tax or governmental charge will be added to the total invoice amount. 


Shoppers Freezone adheres to very strict advertising guidelines.  We support honesty and wholeheartedly believe all our advertising promotional offerings to be ethical, transparent, professional and above reproach.   


Upon collection of product, the Customer has five (5) days to inspect Product and notify the SF Store, in writing, of any defective goods or other cause for rejection.  Such notification shall identify each and every reason for rejection of Product and the items must be returned to our store no later than 30 days from the date of purchase.


All payments are final, returns, refunds or exchanges are not negotiated beyond 30 days.